100/0 Program provides an actionable, transparent strategy

Larry Gard - Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Do you have a clear understanding of who is working with you and who is working against you?  Does employee performance seem lackadaisical, but you aren't sure how to get everyone performing up to acceptable expectations and aligned with your business goals?  Maybe part of the problem is that when you ask your employees why they hadn’t done what you expected, you invariably hear, “You never asked me to do that,” or “I didn’t know that was my goal.”  They aren't aware of your expectations.

The 100/0 Accountability Program provides an actionable, transparent strategy for identifying and fixing the performance issues in your organization without damaging your relationships with valued employees.  Since employee feedback is an integral part of the process, they will become personally invested in the outcome and welcome knowing exactly what is expected of them and what performance goals they will be measured against.

The bottom line is that I can help hold you accountable for changing how your business operates.  I will help you develop a clear, manageable process that gives each employee a personal stake in the success of the business.  A detailed Employee Scorecard will be created for each employee so they know where they stand with goal accomplishment and operation expectations.  Each employee will be perfectly clear what is expected.  Also, each team member will be held accountable for individual and corporate performance goals.  Does this sound like something that you might be interested in? 

By calling 314-378-6644 can set up a simple short video conference call to discuss this in more depth.  I have experience with State Farm agents and any of them I work with will be glad to tell you more about how the "100/0 Program" has helped their business.  Please don’t wait any longer to give me a call.  The 100/0 Program will not only save you money, but it will increase your sales across the board in all product groups. 

“Gard Business Coaching is a St. Louis based Executive Business Coaching service that works with Founder/Owner based companies to improve Net Profits by clarifying owner expectations and employee accountability”

For more information about how Gard Business Coaching can help you in your business call Larry at 


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