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Larry Gard - Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Right now is the perfect time for 2016 Planning and Goal setting

            Managers are required to forecast company goals for the New Year and each salesperson goals are the sum of that company goal.  Right?  If you are like most organization managers I know, hitting the organizational sales goals each month, quarter, and year is your number one priority.  Having a reliable dashboard of sales and activity goals for each salesperson is imperative if you are going to stay on top of the sales plan.

I know; a lot of companies have proprietary software that does that for sales departments.  But, it’s been my experience working with many companies that a lot of manager’s don’t use the systems provided to them for various reasons.  Sometimes it’s because they don’t like the way it’s set up, others say it’s because it’s too complicated for everyone to use.  Other managers say they just don’t have time to track everyone’s numbers.  Really?  The problem is, that doesn’t change the real need to have a dashboard so you can see if each salesperson is achieving their assigned goals. 

            I have developed a simple tool called the “Employee Scorecard”The “Employee Scorecard” is the result of years of experience and development that have resulted in a complete tool-set for generating a Balanced Employee Scorecard (BES).  The BES starts with a goals matrix which is customized to each client's requirement.  BES accumulates performance results versus the goals matrix and generates a report outlining achievement and areas of improvement.  Employees are able to move up the BES by achieving goals and can earn extra points for exceeding goals.  The program incorporates 360 degree review concepts, maximizing buy-in for both the employee and management.  Also, all “Employee Scorecards” report to a separate “Company Scorecard” that shows all employees performances (goals vs actual) in one place so the manager can see who is performing and who is not.  Both “Employee and Company Scorecards” have both numeric information and graphic displays.  The “Employee Scorecards” and the quarterly review process offer managers an opportunity to discuss identify successes or deficiencies with each employee before they become an issue at the end of the year.

I have worked with a number of insurance and construction organizations that find this tool very helpful and cost effective.  The cost of the “Employee Scorecard” tool is based on the number of employees you have.  Larger organizations will get a discounted rate for quantity. 

I would like to sit down with you and show you how the “Employee Scorecard” could be applied to your organization.  If it’s a good fit, that would be great!  If it’s not, we both have just learned a little bit more for meeting together.  You don’t have anything to loose!  Please give me a call at 314-378-6644 or email me at I’m looking forward to speaking with you today.

“Gard Business Coaching is a St. Louis based Executive Business Coaching service that works with Founder/Owner based companies to improve Net Profits by clarifying owner expectations and employee accountability”

For more information about how Gard Business Coaching can help you in your business call Larry at 


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