Employee Development

Employee Recruitment and Retention

As any business owner knows, successful staff recruitment and retention—also known as talent management—is both challenging and time consuming. Gard Business Coaching offers a variety of support services that can help ensure you have the right hiring processes in place and improve your company's retention rates, minimizing time and money spent on training and recruiting. From asking the right questions upfront to performing all necessary employment background screening and verification, we pre-screen candidates to ensure they have the qualifications you need and are a good fit for your company.

High turnover rates cost you time and money.  Gard Business Coaching can help you lower your turnover rate by assessing your employee situation objectively and recommend customized solutions designed to better retain the talent in your organization. Employee reward and recognition programs, enhanced benefits, improved communication and other interventions can improve employee morale and satisfaction—which lead to greater productivity for your business.

Employee Reward and Recognition Programs

Show your employees how much you appreciate them and the contributions they make. Worried you can’t afford employee rewards? Recognition does not need to be expensive. We can create an employee motivation and retention program for every budget that will result in increased morale, job satisfaction, and productivity.

Job Analysis and Job Descriptions

Necessary for the recruitment and compensation processes, job descriptions are also a critical component of performance management. Gard Business Coaching can analyze, evaluate, and create job descriptions for your organization that provide the framework for your organization to be successful.

Orientation Programs

An effective new employee orientation program makes new hires feel comfortable and welcome in your organization. Gard Business Coaching can assist you with developing and executing your customized orientation program to communicate your vision and values as well as your company policies and procedures. See the manual section of this web site for more information.

Sales Training

When selling value, you start with what would the customer like to achieve–then tie that value to a specific benefit generated by a particular products feature. In other words, the "value" that you're selling is not the amount of product for the price, but the financial impact of the purchase compared against the purchase cost. Example; Did you save the customer money? Remodel using higher quality materials?

This is incredibly important to understand because understanding what your customer values first is how you identify what features and benefits you use to show value to your customer.

Gard Business Coaching works closely with sales teams training on features and benefits of the products they sell, so when the opportunity presents itself in conversation with customers features and the valued benefits flow naturally in the conversation. Let us develop a personalized sales training plan that helps your sales team use the features and benefits of your products to help close the sale.

Gard Business Coaching can build a sales training program for your company that addresses your specific needs, so your sales team has all of the tools it needs to close more sales. For more information on our "Coach the Team" training program contact us by email or phone we will be more than happy to discuss how we can help you with a creative solution that fits your budget and sales needs.

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